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CURTAINS   (1983)


This exquisitely horrifying tale features John Vernon as a director and Samantha Eggar as a film star in a clash of wills that spells CURTAINS for a group of aspiring actresses.

The women are gathered for an unusual weekend casting call at the decadent mansion of director Jon Stryker (Vernon), who is searching for the perfect actress to play mad Audra. His last star, Samantha Sherwood (Eggar), was so determined to live the part she had Stryker commit her to an insane asylum, where he left her. When she learns of the casting call, she gets out, determined to pay Stryker back and keep the coveted role from the other contenders. As each of the women meet death -- heralded by a sad-eyed child's doll and a viscious sadistic killer in a fright mask -- the mystery mounts to a gripping conclusion.
Fabulous Horror -- heady eroticism and first-rate cast make CURTAINS a superior terrifying horror sensation with grasping twists.


John Vernon, Samantha Eggar, Linda Thorson, Anne Ditchburn


Jonathan Stryker